Skilled Nursing

Post-Acute Care for Residents

Just because you can leave the hospital doesn’t mean you are ready to go home. To help bridge the gap between leaving the hospital and being ready to live at home, Choice Health Management Services facilities offer a variety of skilled nursing services.

These post-acute services cover all aspects of your health, from pain management and wound care to nutrition and cardiac care.

Skilled Nursing Services Available

Skilled nursing services at Choice Health facilities are the highest qualityNursing services across Choice Health Management Services’s facilities include the following:

  • 24-hour care from Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Pain management
  • Enteral services
  • IV therapy
  • Tracheotomy care
  • Wound care
  • Post-stroke care
  • Bariatric services
  • Cardiac care
  • Pulmonary care
  • Nutrition care
  • Respite care
  • Hospice care/Palliative care
  • Orthopedic after care
  • Neurologic Injury and Impairment care

Facilities Offering Skilled Nursing Services

  • Blumenthal Nursing & Rehabilitation
  • Brian Center Nursing Care/St. Andrews
  • Lenoir Health Care
  • Litchford Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Saturn Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • UHC-Brunswick
  • UHC-Concord
  • UHC-Fletcher
  • UHC-Greenville
  • UHC-King
  • UHC-Lillington
  • UHC-North Raleigh
  • UHC-Oxford
  • UHC-Ramseur
  • UHC-Fuquay Varina


Contact a Choice Health Facility About Skilled Nursing

Whether your stay is short or long term, our goal is to provide our residents with a perfect blend of comfort, security, rehabilitation and care.  We encourage you to contact any of the above facilities about the specific services they provide.